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Born in 1980 in Poland. Living in Germany since 1989. 


I started to admire American dollar as early as 1980s. In Poland, my homeland, as children we could buy sunflower seeds in 100-gram packets, where you could find copies of the fascinating one dollar note. At that time the quality of the reproduction was poor, but for us, children it was still a strong incentive to collect. 


One summer day in 1987, being a young boy, I was lying on a beautiful, green meadow holding that one dollar note in my left hand and a cool Pepsi in the right one. I felt freedom and space. Despite the tense political situation, the scent of slowly spreading democracy was in the air. 


And even though in Pewexes, chain shops of domestic exports nature, all goods were available for foreign currencies (mainly American dollars and German marks), at that time I never owned a genuine dollar bill. It was so close and yet so far away. 

In early 1990s, one of my friends came back to Berlin from his trip to the United States of America and gave me one dollar. And yet this time I had a genuine note – and with number 145. 


Admiration of the note and love for painting became so strong that I was able to combine them and create a piece of art. 


In order to emphasize details in paintings and in a more creative way influence the interpretation, power of expression and meaning, while painting I use various calligraphy pens. Oil paint is put on canvas millimeter by millimeter. A thick layer of paint in one line gives the painting a unique character. Thanks to faithfulness in conveying details, the painting can be watched from both long and short distances. This painting technique requires of patience from the artist. 


The American dollar has the magical power of attraction, with which it makes the note beautiful. 


Due to this reason, after many years of painting with, among others, watercolours and drawing,

I would like to immortalize the dollar on canvas with the use of oil paint. 

© 2015-2024 by Damian Lebuda all rights reserved.​ 

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